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About us

Our most important goal is to make you “Our Client”, satisfied, and happy with our efficient, transparent and next generation public service.

We Also supply superior quality fresh and 100% halal red meat in Ajmer. We have our farm house away 22 km on riawind road equipped plus production to maximize meat safety, hygiene.

A vast and very organized network in India enabled us to provide Qurbani Service to all the clients in all over in India for Eid. Does not matter where you are, all you need to do is to place your order through this website or verbally through phone and that is it.

Why Us?

  • Our Clients can see their sacrifices online dumba sheep for sale sitting at home.
  • We supply fresh and 100% halal red meat products in holy Ajmer.
  • Its large and strong¬†network in almost all major cities of India.

Photos of Sheep / Dumba on this page are not real. You have to choose on the basis of Age and Weight of the alive Sheep / Dumba. It is guaranteed that all the Sheep / Dumba animals will be applicable / valid for qurbani as per Islamic Laws and rules. We can send Sheep / Dumba to your address directly from our Animal Farm / location to your address or charity organization after payment confirmation.

Animals with pictures are coming soon, so you can buy Bakra as per picture. Dumba sheep for sale