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About Qurbani

“Qurbani’ is an Urdu and Persian word derived from the Arabic word “Qurbani” which literally means an act performed to seek Allah’s pleasure. It is technically used for the sacrifice of an animal slaughtered for the sake of Allah.

The sacrifice of an animal has always been a recognised form of worship in many religions, but in the ‘Shariah’ (Islamic sacred law) of our beloved Prophet the sacrifice of an animal has been recognised as a form of worship only during the three days of the month Zulhijjah.

The philosophy behind ‘Qurbani’ is that it is a demonstration of total submission to Allah and a proof of complete obedience to Allah’s will or command. When a Muslim offers a ‘Qurbani’ this is exactly what he intends to prove. Thus, the ‘Qurbani’ offered signifies that he is a slave of Allah at his best. And that he would not hesitate even for a moment once he receives an absolute command from his Creator to surrender before it, to obey it willingly, even if it be at the price of his life and possessions. This is exactly what the Prophet Ibrahim did. Apparently, there was no reason why a father should slaughter his innocent son. But, when the command came from Allah, he never asked the reason to that command, nor did he hesitate to obey it.

Daud and Mohammad Idrees, residents of a village in Barabanki have set up a special shed for their breed of the Turkish sheep. Those weighing 230kg are priced as high as Rs 3 lakh in the city, while younger ones wait for their turn to be sold at Rs 1.3 lakh.

Ajmer goat seller, Amir Qureshi said, “I had bought a pair of goats for Rs 80,000 last year, but this year I am demanding Rs 2 lakh for the same pair and buyers are eager to pay.”